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posted by Jessica Rhaye - Thursday, June 09, 2016


Parkindale Hall

posted by Jessica Rhaye - Wednesday, March 09, 2016
Parkindale Hall

I've heard stories about a sweet little country hall in Parkindale NB, where musicians and songwriters travel from far and wide to play their music for a wonderful little audience that magically appears whenever the hall announces a live performance. I am going to find this place and try it out on April 2nd to see if it really is true!

Parkindale Hall facebook event page  


Shivering Songs - Songs of the City

posted by Jessica Rhaye - Sunday, January 17, 2016
Shivering Songs - Songs of the City

It gives me great pleasure to be involved in such a unique collaborative performance at the Shivering Songs Festival this week. Myself, along with music artists Michael Feuerstack, Keith Hallet, and Andrew Sisk, were each paired up with an individual in the community whose lives have been changed, thanks to the ongoing support of United Way. We were asked to compose a song about these stories and will perform (backed by The Olympic Symphonium) and hear the stories behind the songs on the evening of Thursday, January 21st, 7:30pm on the Playhouse stage in Fredericton. I have feeling it will be a magical night! The event is FREE to the general public with limited seats available.


Homeport Home Stages

posted by Jessica Rhaye - Wednesday, December 30, 2015
Homeport Home Stages

I am delighted to return to the beautiful Homeport Historic B&B stage early in the new year, 2016! I will be performing with my handsome trio on the evening of Friday, January 15th. This building is incredible, the stage and room is much like an intimate house concert and the food is amazing if you decide to come early and have supper and to enjoy the show! - Call to book your tickets (506) 672-7255. 

Happy New Year! Cheers!


Lansdowne House Concerts - REVIEW

posted by Jessica Rhaye - Wednesday, October 07, 2015


The Jessica RhayeTrio just played 2 nights at Lansdowne House Concerts to packed houses. The trio consists of long standing lead guitar, Chris Braydon (Penny Blacks and Reagan Rayguns)and multi instrumentalist, Sandy Mackay, on the double bass. The concertswere a mix of songs from Jessica's four albums with a number of outstanding covers. One of the most moving of the covers was "Ice Flow", written by fellow Saint John singer songwriter, Brent Mason. Jessica's tunes are largley written about people, some real and some fictitious and her tales run the gamut of emotions forming a blend of folk, country and pop tunes. Her turn of phrase grabs you. For example "I hear a clock and it begs for my attention". As well her vocals can be described as crystal clear and melodic and able to soar above her material. There are a number of impressive co-writes on her most recent album, Far Gone Lullabies, including "You Know Me Better", on which she shares credit with Ron Sexsmith and "It is All Right" written with Royal Wood. Jessica even sang a song she wrote at 8 years of age but we all agree it could easily have been written by a 28 year old. Jessica graciously invited her bandmates (also songwriters) to play some of their tunes which was enthusiastically received by the audiences. The Jessica Rhaye Trio is a truly outstanding New Brunswick group. We can't wait to have them back. 

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